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Schools & Colleges

  • Career Counselling
  • Relationship Management
  • Personality Enhancement
  • Campus-to-Corporate


  • Customised Training Interventions
  • Complete HR & L&D Solutions
  • Competency-based Recruitments
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Individual Counselling

Facilitation Methodology

What We Achieve: People stretch beyond their comfort zones to become leaders in their work sphere. They will learn to break ineffective habits, build confidence, create positive results, pursue intelligent risk-taking, and, aboveall, lead to customer delight. Their newly acquired skills will make a significant impact on their working output maximizing their contribution to the organization.

Corporate Training end to end design

Combination of Assessment used

  • FITS based on Carl Jung
    Discovers the inherent personality style of the individual and how it assists them in learning the art and science of influencing others. It enables uncovering heredity strengths to chart their life and career.
  • MI based on Howard Gardner
    Multiple Intelligence provides nine different potential pathways to learning & suggests several ways of effective learning. MI helps in optimizing one’s innate intelligence and aids in developing better learning strategies.
  • 4C’s based on William Marston
    Is a self awareness profile of emotional response to environment, giving an insight into the intrinsic motivation, preferences and traits. Helps improve communication, team work, motivation, and in selecting right people for right jobs.
  • PPC 20 based on Boyatzis & others
    People Performance Competency 20 is an environment-driven competency mapping assessment which provides an in-depth SWOT Analysis. Beneficial in areas like leadership or management development & performance improvement.
  • BPA based on B F Skinner
    The Behavior Pattern Analysis illustrates glue-like mindsets and die-hard habits due to upbringing. Effective tool in communication patterns, interpersonal relationships, Sense of urgency and in the way they process information.
  • CPA based on Eric Berne & Douglas McGregor
    Communication Pattern Analysis identifies the communication habits of people in terms of their different ego styles and means one uses while interacting in terms of theory ‘X’ or theory ‘Ý’ behavior. Powerful tool to improve communication.
  • VAK based on NLP
    Visual Auditory Kinesthetic assessment assesses the various modes by which individuals prefer to acquire and process information based on their learning preferences.

Quantum Life

After training in the corporate we realized That there a certain issues which are deep rooted which tends to hamper day-to-day performance. Corporate programs barely touches interpersonal issues. We during our QL sessions delve deep in the persons core personality, address the various ‘whys’, Answer the unanswered and achieve a holistic development for a better Performance.

This tool also works well with students From 10th and above assisting them to Choose various subjects based on their natural flair, enhancing their professional skills while in college and making them Industry-ready professionals.